The Future

The RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre is always forward thinking in its outlook, to that end the Heritage Team in conjunction with RAF Marham and the Defence Infrastructure Organisation has plans for the future of the Aviation Heritage Centre. The intention is to build an Atrium on the side of the current Heritage building, (subject to all agreements, permissions and planning).

Why increase the size of the Centre?

The Centre currently has an amazing collection of historical artefacts from the entire history of RAF Marham, the RAF in East Anglia and beyond. We believe, that to influence the future, you must learn from the past and it is vitally important, not only to East Anglia but the Nation to display our ever growing archived material and larger display items. It will also enable us to expand on the educational possibilities and capabilities through school and college visits to cover the STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics learning.

To build this Atrium would be an excellent opportunity to enable the public to see the more of the collection and also to pay a special tribute to the Tornado aircraft, which went out of service at RAF Marham. In salute and tribute to this amazing aircraft, the Atruim would be called the Tornado Atrium.

The RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre was lucky to secure the Tornado Simulator cockpit from THALES the company who ran the simulator suite. The cockpit would form the main display within the Atrium, surrounded on the ground floor by inert Tornado munitions and display boards telling the story of this awesome aircraft and the people who flew it and maintained it.

There will be a staircase and lift to a mezzanine area where the intention is to have an aviation related art gallery and a 12 seat cinema where educational, training films and presentations could be shown.

The above plan showing the new ground floor area with Tornado display
(Courtesy of Stead, Mutton, Griggs Chartered Architects)
Mezzanine area with art gallery (cinema and lift not currently shown)
(Courtesy of Stead, Mutton, Griggs Chartered Architects)
Artists impression of how the Tornado Atrium would look (courtesy of Stead, Mutton, Griggs Chartered Architects)
The new build Tornado Atrium would complement the current building
(Courtesy of Stead, Mutton, Griggs Chartered Architects)

How can you help?

The RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre is a registered charity. We rely upon donations and shop sales to help with the running costs of the centre and to enable the team to improve our displays and manage the archive. Day to day our visitors are very kind and generous with the donations they make, however, to undertake a project such as the Tornado Atrium we would need considerable sponsorship. We would like at this initial stage to invite interested sponsors to contact us with a view to working with us to create this lasting tribute and legacy for the future, not only to the Tornado, but to the men and women who flew it and maintained it, whilst expanding the current viewable collection for the benefit of all.

Interested Sponsors should contact the Curator at

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