Research and Donating Artefacts

Research – Mr Every is the lead researcher at the RAF Marham Aviation Heritage Centre. Research can take many forms, what we find at the centre is that families or distant relatives of personnel who served at RAF Marham want to understand what happened to their loved ones when they served in the RAF. This could be as part of their own research into a family tree or simply that the family would like to know from the little evidence they have, what happened.

Our lead researcher takes each and every investigation from the start with an initial email or visit to a conclusion, informing the relative of everything he discovers. Sometimes there is very little which can be unearthed, but more often than not, he is able to bring clarity and focus to a previously unknown element of the family jigsaw.

For investigations into RAF Marham personnel and to enable Mr Every to carry on with this important work at the Centre, a donation is requested at the family discretion.

He also carries out research on behalf of families whose relatives did not serve at RAF Marham. There would be a charge for this service as Mark who runs his own research company needs to cover the extensive costs for accessing the various collections and archives to capture the information on the person being researched.

For all investigations, in the first instance, please contact Mr Every at

Donating Historical Artefacts and Memorabilia – The Aviation Heritage Centre has an ever growing Archive of historical data, artefacts and memorabilia. The Archive helps us deliver the first class displays which we create directly from kindly donated items. It also helps us to carryout the extensive research undertaken on behalf of families and units around the world. Should you wish to donate an item or collection to the Centre, please in the first instance contact the Curator who will guide you through the process of donating. Be assured that all items donated will become part of our Archive, carefully digitised and either stored for future access or displayed within the Centre.

Wellington Bomber Postcard

214 Sqn carved crest by the Ercol Furniture Company (part of the Ercolani Collection).
Wg Cdr Skingsley 214 Sqn Refuelling Probe

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