Meet The Team

Steve Roberts MBE – Curator / Achivist

Steve has been the Curator of the Heritage Centre since 2009, long before he left the RAF. An ex-Station Warrant Officer, Steve leads the civilian and veteran volunteer team in conjunction with the RAF Marham military committee to ensure a smooth delivery of accurate historic detail. Steve has since 2016 run his own Battlefield Tour guiding business and can often be found escorting veterans and families of the fallen on battlefield tours all around Europe.

Ken – Deputy OC

Ken is an author and an academic, this is evidenced by his degree in archaeology and the countless books on aviation he has published. Ken served as a Navigator in the RAF for 16 years, as sadly, Harrison Ford had already taken his dream role of Indiana Jones. Nowadays, Ken is a consultant (in what field remains a mystery!) and spends the rest of his time delivering talks on all things aviation related.

Mark – Researcher

Mark has a passion for WWII, having a grandfather who served in Bomber Command during the war. Since leaving the RAF, Mark has managed to focus on growing a majestic beard, and even managed 3rd place at the Norfolk and Suffolk beard championships in 2019.




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